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The Enplan Pension Platform is a comprehensive pension governance solution, providing specialist advice and technology, but at a low cost.  By running schemes collectively, we help organisations achieve economies of scale, reducing the time and money spent maintaining Defined Benefit (DB) schemes.

Helping organisations achieve economies of scale and cost effectiveness

Enplan includes independent trustee, secretarial, administration, actuarial, investment and covenant services, providing a clear path towards the right outcome for each pension scheme.

Core pension services are provided by Isio; the platform itself is governed by Entrust Pension Limited, an independent professional trustee company since 1994.

Enhanced member and employer experience

Isio’s platform provides real-time funding information to employers and a direct line of communication to your trustees and key advisors.  Members enjoy access to a dedicated UK team of administrators with an optional range of online services also available.

Strategic direction

Isio and Entrust work with each employer to develop a journey plan that reflects your particular circumstances, objectives and budgets.

Time efficient

Employers can be involved as little or as much as they want, meaning significantly reduced pensions management time, but allowing sponsors to be involved in key decisions.

Lower costs

The platform approach delivers significant cost efficiencies. With collective bargaining power, schemes can access lower costs normally unavailable to smaller pension schemes. And Enplan’s innovative investment platform means reduced fund management costs.

Easy to join

Enplan is very easy to join and no changes are made to the legal structure of your scheme.

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