Fiduciary Management Oversight: What is it and what are the benefits?

17 Sep 2021

It can often be difficult for pension schemes to assess how much value their fiduciary managers are providing, with complex investment strategies and potential conflicts of interest.

In this article we provide some practical tips on what to look for in assessing your fiduciary manager - and highlight some of the potential benefits that using an ongoing fiduciary oversight provider, such as Isio, can bring.

At Isio we have been helping our clients get the best out of their fiduciary managers by providing fiduciary oversight services for over 10 years, and have one of the largest teams with the most research and client experience. That means we have hands on practical experience of some of the fiduciary management issues that can arise, and how to avoid them.

All of our oversight consultants are either qualified to give investment advice in their own right or are working towards this qualification. So we can really understand the nuts and bolts of what the fiduciary managers are doing.

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