Opinion: Responsible Investing Spectrum

23 Jul 2020
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The ESG revolution is upending the status quo and is causing seismic shifts in financial markets. Investors increasingly are aiming for their capital to promote the wellbeing of future generations. These trends are accelerating and we are expecting increased regulation as well as a large scale redeployment of capital as countries move towards sustainable development paths. It is important to stress this is not just altruism; a responsible investing approach that avoids investments in environmental laggards and rewards companies with ESG focus should result in better long term returns compared to traditional approaches.

This paper highlights the importance of agreeing a suitable responsible investment approach that fits with your ESG beliefs and objectives. We strongly believe that this is the right time for our clients to make a step in this direction and make a difference to the outcomes of generations to come without sacrificing the financial interests of the current one.

RI Spectrum paper PDF